CI Consulting Services consists of a team of Lean Masters and Six Sigma Master Black Belts who all come out of industry in technical roles in a variety of positions. These industries have ranged from consumer goods, electronics, defense, medical device, and healthcare.

As people who worked on the shop floor on a daily basis, we understand that a seemingly simple change in product or process can become complicated by what seem to be minor details - details we understand can be critical to the success of the change.

We also understand the importance of good office processes, sometimes known as transactional processes.  This includes things like order entry, production scheduling, purchasing, quality documentation, engineering drawings and engineering changes.  Without a good support system of processes and documentation from the office, operations people are fighting an uphill battle to produce quality products on time and profitably.

As people who have worked extensively in manufacturing, we also understand that without engaging the employees in developing and supporting countermeasures, the best solutions in the world will not produce the desired results.  As a consequence, when we consult or train, getting the employees engaged is extremely important to the results obtained.

As an example, any time we do training, be it with Lean or Six Sigma, participants walk away with tools they can immediately put to use because they practiced them, either on their own issues or with case study problems presented during class.

As part of the criteria for completing a Lean or Six Sigma certification, a project is required to be completed during the certification and presented out on the last day.  This helps ensure that students practice the skills and tools learned during class which helps with retention of the material. It also provides a return on investment for the company because it's not just training for training's sake - there are actual improvements that support the strategic goals of the company.

For our consulting clients we work with a small group of people who understand the processes under investigation and can make changes that we develop through our process of discovery.  This helps increase buy-in among employees and also passes on the skills in CI thinking and tools along to people who can use them in the future.

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